The mission of the South Carolina Association of School Resource Officers also known as SCASRO, is to promote and facilitate training and communication between School Resource Officers, School District Personnel, and Community Organizations.  We will serve as a resource for officers and educators and we will dedicate ourselves to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for our students and staff within our school communities.

History of the School Resource Officer Program and SCASRO

The earliest recorded agency using the S.R.O. program was in Flint, Michigan in the early 1950’s.


In that period of time a study was made and it was found that the greatest influence on a young adult was

Religion, Family, and Schools.


The School Resource Officer Program begins to spread across America;


•1950’s - Flint MI. P.D.


•1963 - Tucson AZ. P.D.


•1966 - Saginaw MI. P.D.


•1967 - Cincinnati OH. P.D.


•1968 - Los Angeles CA. P.D. & S.O.


•1969 - Miami FL. P.D. (Chief from  Tucson)


•1971 - Charlotte N.C.


•1972 - Orlando P.D. (Leon, Sarasota, Seminole, and Pinellas Counties FL. followed)


•1975 - Hillsborough County FL.


In the 1970's Orlando Police Department started setting guidelines and procedures for SRO's. we now call this the Florida Model.


The Florida Model is based on the Triad Concept: is Law Enforcement Officer, Law Related Educator, and Law Related Counselor. Unlike the 1950's, where the greatest influence on a young person was Religion, Family and Schools, we find that today the greatest influence is Peers, Media, and Schools.


Law Enforcement Officer: We have to insure that we maintain a safe and secure learning environment.


Law Related Educator: We know that we have to make contact with our young people to make a difference. to do this we need to get into the classroom. We use structured lesson plans to invitations from teachers to come in and teach on topics within their lesson plans. We even have officer's that coach various sporting teams.


Law Related Counselor: The Law Related Counselor is also called an advisor. We are their if students, faculty members, and school staff need someone to come and talk too. We also advise school staff on various topics; which include but not limited to law related matters, crisis management, Crime Prevention methods and etc.


The two key elements on being a successful SRO, is to be an Active Listener and a Positive Role Model.


All 50 states have School Resource Officer's and internationally, England, Canada, and Australia have SRO's.


The first SRO program in South Carolina utilizing the Florida model was developed in 1994 in Beaufort County.


As the SRO program grew in SC, so did the need for an organization.


The South Carolina Association of School Resource Officers was developed by a group of 23 School Resource Officer's in 1996. Those SRO's saw a need to have an statewide organization for officers to contact on what programs were working and what programs had not worked in our schools, how to handle certain situations, and a clearing house for lesson plans.



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